January 9, 2018


The language laboratory is indicative of how technology is used to enhance the learning of English in a third world country like ours. Very few schools in Nigeria have realized the advantage of this system. Others do not see the need to meet the learning needs of their students, whose parents are desirous of their children having a near-native command of both the spoken and written English.

We, at Mount Olive College, Umunya, Anambra State know the educational needs of the 21st century students. Chief among the numerous innovative learning facilities put in place here is the Language Laboratory. Mount Olive College’s Language Laboratory, unlike what others parade as a language laboratory has state of the art learning facilities, which facilitate effective learning of German, French, Chinese, Spanish as well as English. The laboratory is a tool designed to help the students overcome mother-tongue interference and attain high proficiency in the use of English and other foreign languages. In just three months, we have impressed it on our students to speak in ‘the right diction’.

For us to achieve our objective, we identified the critical need to improve the listening skills of our students because listening is vital in language learning. Instructional materials are organized in such a way to help the students listen, speak and practise. The result is overwhelming as their confidence level has increased, thereby making them to be more than willing to participate in public speaking, and using these foreign languages in similar ways the native speakers do.

As a facilitator, the laboratory has afforded me more time because it is not as time wasting as the traditional classroom. So, I have enough time to plan my work and arrange materials that will meet the specific learning needs of my students. The technology has Discussion Mode which is a platform for the teacher to have a one-to-one discussion with students. This has helped me to identify my students’ learning challenges and seek ways to help them become better. The feature is also used for group discussion which promotes interpersonal communication as well as engender team spirit among the students.

Indeed, MOC Language Laboratory is like no other as it has special features and applications tailored to the peculiar needs of each of the students. It has all features needed to develop in every child an excellent efficiency in the use of the English language in particular and all other languages in general. I urge all parents to take advantage of this technology by having their ward(s) study at Mount Olive College, Umunya. Enrolling your child here is an investment that has zero risk.

Emmanuel Okereke
Head  of Department,
Languages and Humanities